How to disclose our knowledge?

Many different organisations in the Netherlands are presently engaged in digital knowledge sharing and linking it to the public platforms of other parties. During this task, they may encounter various problems. And where there are problems, there are questions...

From policy planners to programmers...

Policy planners, domain experts, web editors, programmers and web developers... Many professions are involved in different workflows of development of knowledge networks.

What's going on in real life?

Our RNA-cases provide a varied and representative selection of pressing questions regarding knowledge networks and knowledge sharing, issues for which many institutions are trying to find a solution.

Tools, techniques and methods

In the RNA project, we experiment with a variety of solutions to these problems. We use existing technologies that link pieces of knowledge in order to make it consistently searchable without the need for setting up a completely new knowledge sharing system or the necessity for all participants to work in a uniform way.